About our insulation company in sT. Louis, MO

An Insulation Company in ST. Louis, MO, Bringing Next-Level Service, Expertise, and Products to the Industry

Paired with our passion for a job done well with the highest quality insulation materials, at Foam Co. we exist to take service to the next level.

Every Foam Co. insulation contractor takes the time to partner with our customers, understand their goals for their home, explain the pros and cons of each insulation type, and find the solution that serves their family or their business the best. With our professional insulation services, we promise communication, timeliness, and the punctuality that we know is essential for quality work.

Whether you’re building a new home, a new business, or bringing your house up to a higher energy and air quality standard, we are here to help you extend the life of your home, save money, and enjoy your home to the fullest.

Zac Underwood

Zac Underwood

Zac is committed to delivering exceptional professional insulation services to his clients while striving to elevate the reputation of the insulation industry as a whole. He serves Foam Co. as the general manager and founding partner, holding a key leadership position.

Zac's motivation to establish his own business stems from his belief that blue-collar work should not be undermined or disregarded. He recognizes the prevalence of corner-cutting practices in the insulation industry and strives to provide a white-glove experience for his clients. Read More...

Foam Co. Business Operations Leader, Aaron Hofius

Aaron Hofius

Motivated by positive recommendations and an alignment of values, Aaron joined Foam Co., serving as the Business Operations Leader. In this role, he ensures the smooth functioning of all operations, upholding the company's high-quality standards. Aaron performs insulation installation tasks, manages payroll, contracts, and accounting processes, and implements strategies and policies for company growth. He is dedicated to maximizing business performance, handling customer complaints carefully, and cultivating a positive work environment. Read More...

Bill Duschell
Bill Duschell

Bill Duschell is a seasoned professional in the construction and insulation industries, bringing over three decades of experience to his role at Foam Co. With an impressive career spanning from bricklaying to technical roles in insulation distribution, Bill's depth of knowledge and commitment to excellence is unmatched. His transition from hands-on construction work to significant contributions in the insulation sector at both local and national levels underscores his versatility and passion for the field.


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