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Ever feel that cold draft seeping through your floorboards? Even though all the windows are shut tight, the cold just seems to creep into your home anyway.

Have you noticed your energy bills skyrocketing, no matter how smart you try to be about using your heating or cooling system?

These are classic signs of inadequate crawl space insulation. It makes winters unbearably cold and summers uncomfortably hot, and those are situations neither you nor your wallet enjoy.

Did you know that properly insulating your crawl space can reduce energy bills by up to 20%? At Foam Co, we specialize in energy-efficient crawl space insulation services tailored for homes in St. Louis, MO and nearby areas.

Let’s not forget the invisible horrors lurking under there: chucks of mold and pesky critters nesting up for a long stay.

Our team of insulation contractors in St. Louis has mastered crawl spaces. We’re willing and able to get into the tightest areas to do exceptional work. From installing premium insulation that is pretreated to be mold resistant and a pest repellant, you can’t go wrong with Foam Co.

What can you expect from Missouri’s best insulation company?

A comfortable home with drastically reduced energy bills and none of the foreseeable damage from untreated mold or pests.

Reclaim control over what lies below!

Reach out to us today, and we’ll promptly schedule a free in-home estimate for crawl space insulation in St. Louis, MO and nearby areas.

Crawl Space Insulation For the Home

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Don’t overlook the importance of a well-insulated crawl space. Proper insulation in this critical area can significantly enhance your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort. Book your free consultation today!

Top 10 Risks Homeowners Want to Avoid When Dealing with Crawl space Insulation

Dealing with Mold

We don’t like mold on our bread, so why would we want to dive into a pile of insulation (we call it the bread beneath your floorboards) and confront chunks of mold the size of your fist? Nauseating smell aside, without taking the right precautions, mold could make you terribly ill or hitch a ride on your clothes to threaten the health of everyone in your home.


Replacing Insulation

Removing old, deteriorating insulation can take a huge toll on the body―especially since it typically carries excess moisture, adding to its weight. Finding safe ways to dispose of crawl space insulation poses a second drain on your energy stores and patience.


Crawling into Tight Spaces

Crawl spaces are often small and difficult to navigate. When homeowners think about how they want to spend their weekend, no one says, “I’d love to spend the next three days messin’ up my back in the crawl space of my home.”


Spending Money on Repairs

Here is where doing nothing costs more than doing something. The cost of professional mold remediation services can be quite high, and the damage typically spreads to more places than initially believed. When crawl space insulation isn’t regularly checked, and swapped out, it turns into a festering mess that spreads mold and fungi throughout the foundation of your home. Damaged foundational structures can’t be cleaned (due to becoming weak and spongy); they need to be replaced, and while it is necessary, it’s not cheap.


Regular Maintenance Checks

Speaking of regular check-ups, insulation installation is never a one-and-done deal. Especially when it is in the crawl space of your home. Many homeowners don’t want to be bothered with the periodic maintenance checks―we get it―but we’ll say it again; the cost of doing nothing is more than the cost of doing something. Keep an eye on your insulation regularly, as small issues can quickly escalate into costly repairs. Regular maintenance ensures your home remains energy-efficient and comfortable year-round.


Dealing with Contractors

Finding reliable contractors and coordinating with them for inspection, remediation, and repair work can also be a tedious process. Who can you trust?

How about trusting the many homeowners who’ve called Foam Co to the rescue?

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Common FAQs About Insulation Services

How often does insulation need to be replaced?

Insulation typically lasts 10 to 15 years, but it requires regular checks for optimal performance. The exact lifespan depends on the insulation type, quality, and your home conditions.

Will insulation installation save me money on energy bills?

Yes, correct insulation can reduce energy bills by making your home more energy-efficient. The savings depend on the insulation type, amount, your local climate, and your HVAC system’s efficiency. The EPA suggests that insulation and air sealing can cut home energy costs by about 15%.

What insulation types does Foam Co offer?

Foam Co provides a comprehensive range of insulation types, including Batt Roll Insulation, Dense Pack Insulation, Blow-In Insulation, and Spray Foam Insulation. You can find more details on each type on our Product page.

How do I choose the right insulation type for my home?

The choice depends on the space you’re insulating. Code for many Zone 4 climates recommends at least R-13 in walls and R-38 in the attic. However, adding air sealing and increasing the R-Value can offer better value. To make the best decision, consider scheduling a free home health visit with us.

How does insulation work?

Insulation works by slowing the flow of heat, which naturally moves from warmer to cooler areas. By reducing heat flow, your heating or cooling systems work less, maintaining desired temperatures more efficiently and saving you money.

How long will insulation installation take?

Generally, insulation installation is completed in one day, but the timeline can vary based on the size of the space being insulated. Be sure to contact us at 314.463.0888 to describe the size of your home and the space that you would like to address and we can schedule a complimentary consultation to fully educate you on the process.

What is the average cost of your service?

We prioritize transparency and affordability. The cost of our professional insulation services can vary significantly depending on your home’s specific needs and the type of insulation chosen. For an accurate estimate, consider scheduling a free home health visit with us.

How do I know if my insulation should be replaced?

Signs your insulation may need replacing include inconsistent room temperatures, unusually high energy bills, if the insulation was only installed to minimum code, or if it’s over 10 years old.

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